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Institutional Subscription Information

The subscription includes the following material:
  • Over 560 diagrams covering all areas of the human body
  • 144 video podcasts covering the limbs, thorax and vertebral column, the head and neck, the abdomen and pelvis and a series on embryology - 23 hours of audio
  • The audio (MP3) versions of the podcasts which you can download and copy onto your music player
  • 800 revision questions and answers in sections covering the limbs, thorax and vertebral column, the head and neck, and the abdomen and pelvis
  • 38 lectures covering topics in more focus, 6 hours of audio
  • 130 Multiple Choice Questions and explanations on how to answer them with over 3 hours of accompanying audio
  • 14 sections of Oral Examination Preparation with over 4 hours of accompanying audio
  • 26 revision lectures ideal for MRCEM/FRCEM exams with 500 diagrams and over 7 hours of accompanying audio
  • Over 1700 Interactive MCQs in a 5 Answer Multiple True/False Format in sections on the Arm, the Leg, the Thorax, the Abdomen, the Head and Neck, Surface Anatomy, Embryology and Vertebral and General Anatomy

This is all the material from our 4 titles and our MCQs:
  • Instant Anatomy CD-ROM
    ISBN: 978-0954737009
  • Multiple Choice Questions and Oral Exams in Anatomy
    ISBN: 978-0954737016
  • Podcasts in Anatomy Including Embryology - video versions
    ISBN: 978-0954737023
  • Easy Ways of Remembering Tricky Areas of Anatomy
    ISBN: 978-0954737030
  • Over 1700 Interactive MCQs in a 5 Answer Multiple True/False Format
Note: The subscription does not include mobile apps which are sold and distributed by Google and Apple

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  • Unlimited institution-wide access: no concurrent-user limitations
  • IP-range access
  • UK Federation access
    (and eduGAIN)
  • Single password access
  • LTI compliant for your LMS
  • iPad/Android compatible
Applicable Users Annual fee (GB £)
Tier 1: 50-250 Users £525
Tier 2: 251-500 Users £840
Tier 3: 501-1000 Users £1100
Tier 4: 1000-2500 Users £1260
2500 Users+ Please contact us

Note prices are not subject to VAT in the EU or the UK

  Ordering information
  • Prices are arranged in tiers by applicable student institution size
  • Licence terms are one year
  • The licence agreement must be accepted before your institution can be activated
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